1. Our organization is run by a committee, in which there is a committee of 11 people, including 1 president, 1 vice-president, 1 secretary, 1 treasurer and 7 members.This committee reviews all the work done every 3 months.

2. Our mission is to create a society in which secular and goodwill is disciplined.

3. Our organization is always ready to help anyone without seeing their religion.

4. The aim of our organization is to help humanity and to create an educated society.

5. We are committed to working in financial matters and following all standard norms of transparency in accountability.

6. We are all committed to following the law made by the government. And the rules of our institution are also committed to work according to the instructions given by the government.

7. We are committed to promoting an environment where secular and human values ​​and education are upheld and a good society is formed by following them.

8. The audit report balance sheet of this institution is conducted by Chartered Accountant.